About the Founder

Tasha Danielle, CPA

Tasha Danielle, CPA, founded Financial Garden during her journey of eliminating nearly $80k of debt before the age of 30. Tasha's grandmother taught her about finances at an early age and this influenced her to become a financially responsible millennial. However, it became apparent that not all of her peers were exposed to money lessons at a young age and most of them struggled financially. After working with youth for several years, she realized their lack of financial literacy. Tasha decided to plant seeds of financial literacy at every age by formally founding Financial Garden in 2014.

Tasha has nearly a decade of corporate finance and accounting experience with Fortune 100 and 500 companies.  She has also authored "Amina's Bracelets: A Kidpreneur Story" to plant the seed of entrepreneurship in young children. The book is available on Amazon!